Cold-Pressed Juices - Signature 6

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Give the gift of health with cold-pressed juices. As no heat or oxygen is used, you get 100% of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables used. Perfect for birthdays, as a sweet surprise, to congratulate someone on their achievement or for any special occasions!


  • 1x Double Green + FREE 2x bottles
  • 1x Golden Passion
  • 1x Orange Angel
  • 1x Dancing Mango
  • 1x Bloody Mary
  • 1x Pink Lady


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  • The sale of this item will not be counted towards the PURAS Miniature Set (free gift).
  • Keep in refrigerator. Best consumed within 3 days from  delivery date.

***Flavour Profile***

Double Green (330ml)
Guava | Green Apple
Detox/ Improves complexion/ Suitable for diabetics & people with high cholesterol/ Reduces body heat/ For cold & flu
Sour sweet

Golden Passion (330ml)
Sweet pineapple | Passion fruit | Guava
Repairs body tissues/ Cell growth/ Weight loss/ Healthy hair/ Bone & Oral health/ Insomnia
Sour sweet

Orange Angel (330ml)
Orange | Carrot
Skin hydration/ Water retention/ Antioxidant/ Wrinkles prevention/ Improves vision
Bitter sweet

Dancing Mango (330ml)
Mango | Fuji Apple | Guava
Skin cleanser/ Mood enhancer/ Improves memory & concentration/ Helps in anemia & menopause
Fruity sweet

Bloody Mary (330ml)
Beetroot | Sweet pineapple | Fuji apple
Blood cells production/ Cleanses blood vessels/ Skin care/ Boosts immunity/ Wound healing/ Liver cleanser
Greenie sweet

Pink Lady (330ml)
Pitaya | Pear | Grapes
Anti-aging/ Skin care/ Improves metabolism/ Reduces constipation/ Neutralize toxins/ Weight loss
Fruity sweet

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